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Why is Social Media Important to Small Businesses?

Social media has become the word of mouth by which small businesses can live or die. Social media is particularly relevant and meaningful as a marketing tool for small businesses for its relative affordability compared to traditional advertising spend. A well-built social media presence – one that well reflects and presents the ‘look and feel’ [...]

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2016 Marketing Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions usually spring from good intentions, but without proper support and involvement, they could become more of an Achilles heel than a springboard for change. Top Resolutions Usually Involve Diet, Exercise and Good Habits The right choices for businesses We look to the food pyramid to guide us in our food choices. For [...]

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The Strategy of Marketing

The three questions purchase decision questions customers ask themselves about any company with whom they are considering doing business are, “Who are you? What can you do for me? Why should I do business with you instead of another company?” If you are able to answer those three questions, then it’s time to let your [...]


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